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“I can do everything through him who gives me strength. Yet it was good of you to share in my troubles.” Philippians 4:13-14 (NIV)

Last week, at a time when I was in my “crazy” mode trying to finish everything up for the bike ride we were hosting on Saturday, these words appeared on my computer screen as my daily devotion. Now I have heard Philippians 4:13 a million times, most of us have. But that is usually where we stop in the reciting of this verse. As I continued reading, the words “Yet it was good of you to share in my troubles” seemed to be what was leaping off the page at me.

You see, I have discovered over the past 4 ½ years that this foundation work is harder than I could have ever expected. I find myself defending what we are trying to do sometimes, even when I am not asked to. This foundation has a part of my heart, after all, it’s all I have left of Ty. But I have tried (please note TRIED and continuing to TRY) over the past two years to separate the heartache of losing my child from it, and make it more about the wonderful things God is doing through it. And believe me, it is ALL Him! It is not me, Todd or Ty for that matter. It is Him! He places all the pieces together and makes everything fall into its place. I have watched Him do it and this is what makes me focus on Philippians 4:14.

A worry I often have is that people would not know just how very much we appreciate them and whatever they may be doing. So please let me say this to each and every person who has been ANY part of this journey…”It was good of you to share in our troubles”! Thank you for not ever making us go at this alone! Christ has put each and every one of you in our lives for a different purpose. So, whether you are the friends and family that have been there since the moment we got the call, the friends who invited us to dinner just weeks later and didn’t care if we were sad, or the friends who believe in the foundation like I do…thank you. For those of you we have met along the way, we thank God for bringing you into our lives. Even if we just see you once a year, you have become so special to us…thank you for all you do. There are many of you I haven’t met or don’t see at all, but you pray for us and think of us often. It means the world! I am always amazed at what people are still willing to give…to each of you, you help make many wonderful things happen in our community! Thank you! Again, we praise God for that! And I know I said I TRY not to make it about Ty, but I am his momma. I must tell you, when someone randomly remembers him or takes time out to mention him to me, I just melt. Thank you for never forgetting!! It is so good of each of you to share in our troubles!  We will forever be grateful!


  1. I was very dissapointed when I realized i would miss the ride this year. I didn’t know about it the first year but have been to the rest of them.

    I found a way to contribute in my absence and hope to carry that forward each year

    Everyone that is involved or participates has the utmost respect for you and Todd and the wonderful things you are doing

    keep up the great work and let me know if you ever need anything
    Dan Brown

  2. Mindy

    I will never forget Ty ♡ Although I never had the chance to meet him I still have a deep love for him. I will never forget that day when I heard the news and my heart dropped and tears flooded. We will never know why these things happen, but one day God will allow us to understand. You are an amazing and strong momma and I know all are grateful for the things you have done because you have followed God’s will. You have touched many through the work and words you share. I am blessed to know your family and there isn’t a day that goes by that isn’t filled with the thoughts of Ty and your family. My heart goes out to you and your family. Again, thanks for the work that you do to raise awareness to the community and to touch those around you. God and Ty are extremely proud and honored to see the hard work that you do ♡

  3. Angie and Todd. Thank you all for allowing me to be a part of THE Ty Lucas Foundation. I am so humbled to be a part of something so great. Each year I am so amazed how God is working, through such a tragedy.You both are such strong Christians and God will continue to use you all. God is good!!! I know life is so hard and God tells us he will never,ever leave us or forsake us. Love you all!!!

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